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Dramatically Improve The Performance Of Your Wireless LTE Internet Connection

By installing an external LTE antenna, you'll boost your internet speed and stability! In some cases, you could even double your speed!

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Is This Product Suitable For Your Needs?

If you have LTE & would like to enhance your performance & stability - then yes, the Poynting external antenna is perfect for you!

The diagram above illustrates how an external LTE antenna works.

Provided that you are within the LTE signal range, an external antenna mounted outside will result in a more stable signal as well as higher data rates as your signal to noise ratio is decreased, thus a better transfer rate can be achieved.

This high gain antenna is robust, lightweight & waterproof and meant for a fixed, outdoor installation on a pole or a wall.

You've Already Paid For Your Internet Service - Now utilise the full speed capabilities of your LTE.

  • Poynting antenna 
  • On-site installation *

How Much Does The Antenna Cost?


Option 1: Self Install @ R2100.00 ex. VAT


* Western Cape & PE Only

  • Poynting antenna 
  • Free delivery within South Africa

Option 2 : We'll install @ R3300.00 ex. VAT

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