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Liquid Telecom Fibre
Liquid telecom fibre

Comprehensive fibre feasibility surveys

Save time, we have you covered

When it comes to business fibre internet, checking what fibre services your business is feasible for, takes time. 

Let us do the slog work for you and find out exactly what fibre services are available at your business.

Our business fibre specialists will check your fibre coverage results, submit fibre feasibility surveys to multiple network providers and provide you with accurate fibre quotes to compare.

Some of the open access fibre networks we check:

Neotel Fibre
Fibre To The Business
Telkom Business Fibre
Vox Business Fibre
Telkom Business Fibre
Business Fibre Deals
Frogfoot Business Fibre
Liquid Telecom Fibre
Telkom Business Fibre
Vox Business Fibre
Business Fibre Deals
Vumatel Business Fibre
Neotel Fibre
Neotel Fibre

No additional fees

DSL Telecom has access to all the big fibre players. You don't pay for this fibre feasibility check service and you won't pay anything more if you decide to accept a quote through us.

We are fast

Our business fibre specialists are ready to check if your business is feasible for fibre and provide quotes on your specific connectivity needs.

About DSL Telecom

We partner with fibre ISP's and fibre network infrastructure providers in South Africa and independently consult clients on the best fibre solutions for their business needs.

We are award-winning authorised business partners for Vox, Liquid Telecom, Telkom Mobile and Telkom Business and have access to over 15 open-access fibre providers.

Vox Business Fibre

We find the best technology solution

business fibre packages

Which internet technologies do we check?

Fibre to the business (FTTB)

Licensed Microwave and Wireless Internet

VDSL (Fibre-to-the-curb)


Fibre to the home (FTTH)

Satellite Internet

"It took me a minute to fill in my details and DSL Telecom did the work for me, super easy."

John Kotze, Alto Vida

Vox Fibre Uncapped 50Mbps

"DSL Telecom helps sift through the noise and because they are independent I know that I get the right advice on business fibre"

Gavin Paris, E-boil Systems

Liquid Fibre Uncapped 10Mbps

Best Sellers

Business Fibre Deals

Uncapped Data

Dedicated 1.1 service

50Mbps symmetrical line speed

Unlimited Voice Minutes

Vox 50Mbps - R4499pm

50Mbps Fibre

Liquid Telecom Fibre

Uncapped Data

1.10 contention ratio

30Mbps symmetrical line speed

30Mbps Fibre

Liquid 30Mbps - R3900pm

Telkom Business Fibre

Uncapped Data

20Mbps download speed

Unlimited calls to Telkom network

20Mbps Fibre

Telkom 20Mbps - R1109pm

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